Saturday, March 10, 2018

Reuse Freezer and Storage Bags During a Snow Storm

We just got done going through two Nor'Easters here in NJ. One on a Friday and then the following Wednesday. Wednesday we lost power and I was not prepared like I normally am with hot water in thermos and water in every pot and pan and big containers for flushing toilets, washing hands, etc. So, when our power went out on Wednesday I had to go in thinking mode and was worried about all the stuff I had just bought at the store that previous Monday. My fridge and freezers were packed.

I came up with a solution on how to reuse freezer and storage bags during a snow storm. We had received over a foot of snow. I normally reuse freezer and storage bags as a general rule. I wash them out with hot soapy water and let them air dry. I just make sure they don't leak, but you never know once you have them washed.

It was day 2 without power and we had all this snow, heavy wet snow. So I went outside with a few bags and put in handfuls of snow (use a glove or other big scoop, as it is very cold) and don't fill it all the way up. Flatten the snow out and make a mock ice pack or "Snow" pack. And place them in your fridge - on top of foods, between food, in the deli drawer, doors, etc. I made a lot and some extra for my fridge freezer.

Then I remembered I had a Styrofoam cooler from a steak company that was ready for the dumpster. I filled it 2/3rd of the way with snow (this will be super heavy, make sure you are strong or get someone who can lift very heavy items) and take it inside. Nestle your milk, sour cream, yogurt, water, etc into the snow and put the lid on it. Just like when you reuse freezer and storage bags during a snow storm, you can do the same with these containers. You can use the milk for pudding or cereal and just put it back in the cooler and containers of pudding as well.

We ended up borrowing a generator to get the heat, fridge and big freezer going, but we still didn't have water. But I had water I had stored in huge Tupperware containers for the toilet but thankfully someone brought me a huge 5 gallon jug of it, or we might not have made it for toilet usage.

Be sure to save and reuse freezer and storage bags during a snow storm or for any kind of storm because you just never know when your power might go out and for how long. Thankfully we were only out for 3 days, but I had friends that were out for a week or more.

I froze the first night and half the was 60 degrees the first night and down near 50 degrees before we got the generator going. Once the electric came back on 3 1/2 days later everything was fine in the refrigerator and freezers. If you can refrain from opening them, they will stay colder longer, but like I said, I was not prepared and had to go into the fridge to eat cold chili the first night and peanut butter and jelly was ok after that, but I also had some other stuff I took out to eat cold...but by that point I had already had my snow packs in there. If you just make up a bunch of snow packs and only open the door once or twice, you should be ok in the winter. In the summer, we got a whole different situation going If you have the freezer space, just fill them with water and keep them in your freezer for the summer outages.

Do you have any tips for those that have not prepared for a winter storm? Please comment below.

Thanks for reading and Spring will soon be here, cannot wait!!