Thursday, October 13, 2016

Home Chef Food Service

Home Chef is a food service company that allows you to buy fresh ingredients to cook at home. I signed up only because I am a Swagbucks member and they will basically give you your money back. But, unfortunately, I did not read the full terms and never got my swagbucks, lesson learned.

So, I signed up, ordered my first meal which was for 2 people and 3 meals. It took almost 2 weeks before I got my first order (which was today). I was very unimpressed. First of all, I had 2 chicken entrees and a pork chop entree. As I opened the box, I realized, there is NO WAY this is going to feed 2 people (it is just me and my adult son) - no way!! Very TINY portions for the ok, I finally get to the meat and something was not right! There was chicken juice all over everything - I took it to the sink and realized the 2 chicken packages were OPENED and not just a tiny hole, completely OPENED!! And the juice was leaking in my sink, but the pork chops in the same package were not opened.

So then I realized the chicken juice was leaking out the box sitting on my kitchen floor and also saw my porch was covered in this same juice - well now I was really pissed, plus the chicken looked like chicken tenders or something, not what I had ordered.

The chicken went in the garbage, but the veggies and other ingredients were packed separately and ok, as far as I can see, but I am afraid to eat them.

So, I contacted the company and said what I said here about the chicken and that I was going to throw it out and I was afraid of salmonella poisoning - and asked for a refund. Wow their response about the chicken:

"I'd like to assure you that even when your meat packaging is open slightly, it is still safe to use! The temperature of the products will be the best indicator of food safety, so as long as it arrived refrigerator cold, I would suggest putting the meat into a resealable bag and/or using the meat right away.

If not, I'd take off 3 days from the "Cook-By Guideline" posted on your recipe card. Of course, safety is always first, so I think it's best to check the meat for irregularities or a strong smell and don't use anything that you're just not comfortable with."

It should have came frozen, not thawed and shipped 3 days before it is to arrive, even with lots of ice - this is not the way you ship MEAT!! 

This company to me is GARBAGE and I do not recommend them to ANYONE! They are going to refund me, but seriously people, don't spend any money with Home Chef Food Service - they are not worth a penny. 

I don't normally leave bad reviews, but when something like this happens, I do and think you might want to reconsider of you ever think of trying  Home Chef.