Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Premier Protein Bar Review

I am doing this Premier Protein Bar Review because I received a free sample in the mail. I am not required to write a review, but I figured I would go ahead anyway ;)

This is a picture of the bar that I received - Dark Chocolate Mint

Wow! This bar tasted like a really good candy bar. It is a chewy, chocolaty, minty bar. If I was to eat this not knowing what it was, I would really think it was a candy bar and not healthy at all.

It has 30 grams of protein, which is amazing, 3 grams of fiber and is gluten free. But, the part that I did not car for was the calories - a whopping 280 with 60 fat calories. Now, I normally don't pay too much attention to those numbers, but to me, they seem extremely high. Even with the extra Iron (30%), Calcium (10%) and Phosphorus (25%) to me the extra calories would probably not prompt me to buy them in the future.

But, if you are on a high protein diet, then I am pretty sure you will love this bar and the dark chocolate and mint flavor.

If you are interested in a free sample of Premier Protein Bar, click here. I am not sure if there was a choice between the bar or the shake, I don't remember, as it was several weeks ago that I signed up for it.

Hope you get a chance to try out these products, if you haven't already and thanks for reading my Premier Protein Bar Review!

Enjoy your day!


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