Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Free Full Size Products for FREE In the Mail

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Wow, I am totally amazed about how many Free Full Size Products for FREE in the Mail I have received in just 2 days. Most of the full size products I got through either Amazon Review Trader or Elite Deal Club. You simply sign up for free, get an Amazon Prime membership (trial for 30 days or paid for a year) and sign up for these two sites and start requesting free products. You do need to provide a review on each item through Amazon Review Trader, but it is optional on Elite Deal Club.

Elite Deal Club allows you to get 1 item from 10am - 1:59pm (EST) and unlimited items after 2:00pm. You can only get one of the same item, no matter how many days it is available.

Amazon Review Trader, you pick items you want to try and the supplier of the product will decide if they will let you review it or not. So far, I have only been approved for 5 items since joining last week. Just keep adding things to your list and eventually you will get approved.

I also have received free magazine subscriptions from various different places, but my favorite is Recyclebank - you simply do easy tasks, earn points and exchange them for free subscriptions.

I received Truvia, ZzzQuill and a Wine Voucher from PinchMe - each month they allow you to choose samples based on your profile, but they sell out quickly so you have to watch your mail closely on the day when they open it up for samples. Once you receive the samples, you need to try them and give a review, this will allow you to get more samples the next time they offer them.

The other samples I received in the pictures are Biossance - The Revitalizer Skin Moisturizer and Derm Organic hair care samples and Skin Care Samples.

I plan on giving reviews on most everything I have received, as soon as I have a chance to try them. There are a few other supplements that I have received that I will review first ;)

As you can see, in just 2 days, I kept my mail lady very busy and have received close to $300 in FREE product. It is relatively easy to receive Free Full Size Products for FREE in the mail.

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